In the summer of 2013, employment for boys aged 16-19 was 34% for Whites and 17% for Blacks.


Higher levels of employment of young black males will expand the tax base, reduce government costs, and increase a labor force faced with serious demographic challenges as the Boomer generation retires.

 CH4K Action:

Implement the A.C.T. platform to ensure our students are supported through the entire educational and early career continuum:

Access – Provide the tools and resources required to prepare our protégés for real career opportunities available to them. Grant access to high level executives who “made it” despite economic and other challenges

Collaboration – Launch partnerships with organizations and corporations that can provide part- time jobs, internship, full-time jobs, educational insight, career awareness and scholarship opportunities

Training – Build STEM related work-skills for today’s youth that can be leveraged in our current and future economy

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