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As a child, I know and understand the value of following the CH4K REWARDS life-principles.  By staying the course following these life-principles, my life-experiences and life-outcome will be shaped for the betterment of me and those around me.  Therefore, from this day forward, I PLEDGE to:

  • READ a minimum of 30 minutes per day and six books per year
  • Make my EDUCATION my absolute number one priority
  • WORK for a living and appreciate the profound value of working early in my life
  • Be ACCOUNTABLE for the “choices” I make every day of my life
  • RESPECT myself and others within my realm
  • DO FOR OTHERS as so many others in the world are far less fortunate  than me
  • SAVE money for the future – for instance, college or to support my family

Join CH4K on a quest to achieve 500,000 PLEDGES from young children yearning to live good lives.

Catherine Harper for Keepers


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