Catherine Harper for Keepers (CH4K) is formerly “The Catherine L. Harper Foundation.”  The name was changed in late 2014 for the purpose of clarifying the organization’s purpose as an IRS nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) organization thereby mitigating any confusion as to whether CH4K is classified an IRS Foundation.

CH4K is a charitable organization dedicated to shaping the life-outcomes of young children from disadvantaged families and communities in the United States.  Our Model-continuum includes Mentoring, Fatherhood, STEM Education and Jobs.  In an effort to avoid reinventing the wheel, CH4K has forged long-term strategic alliances with other seasoned national organizations with similar goals in the areas of Mentoring, Fatherhood, STEM and Jobs.

CH4K’s Chairman of the Board is Ralph Harper, CEO at DPLOYIT Staffing and author of the book, “Stepped Up The Urgency for Fatherhood.”  Mr. Harper is firmly committed to continuing his mother’s legacy of helping the less fortunate.  Please take a moment to learn more about the woman who has inspired this national initiative, Mrs. Catherine Louise Harper.  Her bio can be found under the “About Us” tab.

CH4K will be very transparent in its operations.  All of its corporate documents (i.e. By Laws, Articles, Conflict of Interest documents) will be available on this web site.  Board Members will NOT be compensated and will be required to make a minimum donation of $2,500 annually.

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